McLaren MP4 12C GT Sprint: The full details

McLaren MP4 12C GT Sprint: The full details

The British sports car manufacturer has announced that its racing pedigree 12C GT Sprint will definitely hit showrooms sporting a price tag of £195,000.
That might seem a little steep but this machine is the direct result of hours of work from McLaren's GT3 racing department, McLaren GT. That means this machine is lighter than the road car it is based on and features all of the technology and safety systems needed to enter GT series races.

Power comes from the same 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 powerplant found in the 12C and 12C spider that generates 620bhp, with the same seven speed twin clutch gearbox swapping cogs but special oil and cooling systems have been fettled to cope with demands of competitive track racing.

All creature comforts have been removed from the super lightweight carbonfibre tub to keep racing weight to an absolute minimum. The car's interior also features a number of components carried over from the 12C GT3 racecar, including the FIA-approved safety roll cage, central cooling radiator and digital dash display.

Exterior styling is perhaps the most radically different aspect of the car over its road going siblings, with stability and dynamics further enhanced through a drop in ride height of 40mm, while a more aggressive front bumper, GT3-inspired bonnet with radiator exit ducts and front wing louvres improve downforce and give the machine a hyper-aggressive look.

Potential customers will have to be keen racers as this model is strictly for the track. Sponsorship and the backing of a cash rich team may also help with that painful asking price.

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McLaren MP4 12C GT Sprint
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McLaren MP4 12C GT Sprint: The full details
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