Schoolboy's body found in Mansfield quarrry

Missing schoolboy's body found in Mansfield quarrry

Police have confirmed that a body found in a quarry in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire is that of schoolboy Ciaran Sweeney who went missing on 14 September.

According to the BBC, the 14-year-old's body was discovered on Tuesday at Ratcher Hill quarry in Southwell Road.

A post-mortem has taken place and the results will be published in due course.

Officers are working to establish how the boy died.

In a joint statement published by the Daily Mirror, Ciaran's mother Rheane O'Neill and his stepmother Tanya Poulton said: "Ciaran was a typical 14-year-old boy.

"He loved watching television, particularly Top Gear, and survival programmes, although he wasn't the type to go off into the wilderness himself.

"The last few weeks have been unbearable and then to not have found Ciaran alive is the worst thing any family could face."

In July, a man's body was found in a quarry in Worcestershire a week after a teenager died in the same spot. They both drowned after entering the water for a swim during the summer heatwave.

This year's heatwave claimed 13 lives of people who drowned in rivers, lakes and the sea around the UK.

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