Video: Jay Leno gets to grips with the Batman Tumbler

Video: Jay Leno gets to grips with the Batman Tumbler

The Tonight Show host is a self-confessed perolhead, the man owns a collection of around 190 vehicles that includes rare motorcycles, steam-powered cars and even a host of electric and rare hybrid machines.
The funnyman also runs a website called Jay Leno's Garage that allows fans to get inside his collection via a series of articles and high production videos that pop up on a semi-regular basis.

Batman's menacing Tumbler from The Dark Knight movies is the latest creation to receive the Leno treatment and the lucky devil was allowed to hop behind the wheel of the Chevrolet-engined beast and take it for a short spin around his neighbourhood.

Perhaps the coolest fact to come out of the 12-minute long video is that the massive afterburner-style exhaust is in fact real and has been lifted from a hot air balloon. It runs on propane gas and can shoot flames that reach over 1-foot in length.

Unfortunately Leno doesn't manage to get the exhausts flaming, nor does he fight any crime but the video does provide an interesting insight into one very menacing vehicle.

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