Two-headed calf born in America dies

Two-headed calf born in America dies

A two-headed calf born just days ago on a dairy farm in America has died.

The baby cow with two heads, one brain, two snouts and four eyes was born on Tuesday in Vermont.

It would have been a twin if it had split properly inside its mother as an egg, The Huffington Post reports.

Speaking to WPTZ, farm owner Kirstin Quesnel said: "Just like with humans we have some abnormalities with animals and animal births and this just happened to be one of them."

The calf mooed and ate with both heads and appeared to be in perfect health.

In a statement after the animal's death, Quesnel said: "We are sad to say our calf born just two days ago with a birth deformity resulting in two heads has passed away from natural causes."

Vet Dr David Rockwell, who cared for it, said calves with the rare deformity survive just several hours or days.

Watch a video report of the two-headed calf after its birth on Tuesday:

Vermont Cow Delivers Calf With 2 Heads

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