Groom sparks bomb scare to spare bride's feelings

St George's Hall

Brides can be on something of a hair-trigger on the morning of their wedding. Something as small as the wrong flowers or non-matching tablecloths can be enough to send them over the edge. So you can imagine how Neil McArdle, a 36-year-old from Kirkby in Merseyside, felt when he realised on the morning of the wedding that he had failed to book the ceremony.

What's harder to imagine, however, is why he decided that his best bet to avoid upsetting his bride was to call the registry office and spark a bomb scare.
The scare
The Daily Mail reported that McCardle and his fiance had decided to get married in Liverpool Register Office inside St George's Hall in the city this April (pictured). They had informed the office of their preferred date and had been given all the paperwork to be filled in. However, he had failed to complete the paperwork, so there was no wedding booked.

According to the Express, on the morning of the wedding he found the paperwork and realised his mistake, and that's when he hit on a cunning way to get out of having to admit his mistake and upset his wife: he decided to phone the hall from a nearby phone box and say there was a bomb in the building.

On the one hand it was successful - in that when the bride showed up, the hall had been evacuated and there was no way she could get married. On the other hand, according to the Liverpool Echo, while they were standing around waiting for the building to be cleared, the entire wedding party discovered that there was no booking anyway.

He was arrested and charged later that day. Yesterday he admitted a charge of communicating false information with intent, and he will be sentenced later this month.

Wedding disasters
And it's not the first time that the happiest day of a couple's life has ended with an arrest. At the end of last year a 23-year-old from Indiana was arrested after driving at 100mph in an effort to get to his wedding on time. He said he had been released from jail earlier that day and was rushing to get to the church on time.

In March last year another Liverpool groom was jailed for six years - after deliberately setting fire to his own wedding venue just after the reception. Apparently there was an argument over the bill.

And one of the strangest was two years ago, when a Nevada man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct before he had a chance to finish his vows. His mother had apparently voiced her objections to the marriage, so he carried her out of the church. It seems she got her way in her efforts to stop the wedding going ahead.

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