Motorist dies following freak AA towing van accident

Motorist dies following freak AA towing van accident

A driver has died in a freak accident that saw his car break free from a towline connected an AA vehicle, swerve into a bank and then smash into another vehicle.
The incident took place in Croydon, south London earlier this week with witnesses reporting that the driver was at the wheel of the people carrier while it was being towed to a local garage.

The car reportedly swerved and hit a bank at the side of the road before breaking away from the AA van's tow bar, flipping over and hitting another vehicle.

Paramedics rushed to the scene where they battled to save the unnamed male motorist who is believed to be in his 40s. He was later admitted to hospital where died just under two hours later.

The driver of the second car suffered chest injuries but is thought to be making a recovery.

The stricken black Vauxhall Zafira was said to have broken down earlier in the day so the driver enlisted the help of the AA to tow the vehicle to the nearest garage for inspection.

Witness and mother-of-two Naz Dagnell told The Express: "It was like a big thunder crash. Then I heard the sirens going and saw the air ambulance.

"I was absolutely shocked. There have been serious accidents on that stretch of road where they have had to cut people out of vehicles."

A spokesperson for the AA said the tragedy was currently being investigated and couldn't comment on findings at this time.

He added: "Following the tragic incident involving an AA member in the Croydon area, our thoughts are with the fam­ilies and friends of those involved."
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