Cheddar covered in shed load of Branston Pickle

cheese and pickle

The Western Daily Press has reported that a Branston pickle lorry was on its way to a Somerset farm, when it hit a low branch. The lorry shed part of its load in the road - just a few miles from Cheddar.

It may well be the ultimate coming together of cheese and pickle. And it's not the first time that a lorry has provided a heyday for headline writers.
In August one local radio station was reporting people were crying over spilt milk, when a lorry shed its load of milk cartons in Runcorn.

In July we learned that drivers were 'planted in traffic' after a lorry shed its load of soil on the M60 near Bredbury.

In June we heard reports of a 'bottleneck' after a lorry shed stacks of crushed milk bottles and coke cans.

In April we learned that Beanz Meanz Jamz, after a lorry transporting tins of beans shed its load on the M6 at Haydock.

In February, there was the opportunity of a lifetime for a 'stuck in traffic' headline, when an HGV shed a load of glue in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire.

Last year, when a lorry toppled over into a field in Killyleagh, County Down, the local paper published the headline 'Holy Makerel!"

And a couple of years ago when a lorry in Swindon lost a load of cans of beer, the local paper reported that there were 'drinks all round'.

However, sometimes even the headline writers miss a trick. In March, fire crews were called to hose off a road in Birmingham, a few miles from Cadbury World, after a lorry shed a load of cocoa butter.

The headline writers went with 'Lorry sheds load of cocoa butter'.

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