Woman given police warning for 'stealing pebbles' from Suffolk beach

Woman given police warning for 'stealing pebbles' from Suffolk beach

A woman who took six sacks of pebbles from a Suffolk beach to decorate her garden has been given a police warning.

The woman, 39, from Ipswich, was spotted by a member of public, who reported her car registration to Suffolk Coastal District Council.

The witness said they saw three adults and a child fill four to six large bags with shingle from the Felixstowe beach on two occasions and take them back to the car.

Suffolk Police said the volume of pebbles taken amounted to "theft of council property", and she was given a verbal warning, reports the BBC.

According to ITV News, an engineer for two local councils said the removal of pebbles from the beach could increase the risk of flooding and worsen coastal erosion.

Paul Patterson, Senior Coastal Engineer for Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Council's Coastal Management Team, told the East Anglian Daily News: "The removal of pebbles, shingle or sand from Suffolk's beaches is unacceptable because it may contribute to the erosion of the shoreline or increase the risk of flooding."

According to the BBC, he added: "Where there is evidence of this occurring the council will take action against those responsible."

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