Gun-toting motorist causes road-rage terror

Gun-toting motorist causes road-rage terror

Shocking footage has emerged from the US, showing a motorist taking aim and firing at a fellow road-user after he took offence at being filmed driving recklessly.
In what could be the most extreme example of road rage committed to film, 51-year-old Perrin Dobbins can be seen rolling down the window of his black Lincoln LS saloon, before pulling out a black handgun and pointing it directly at the no-doubt terrified cameraman.

It cannot be seen clearly from the video whether Dobbins actually discharged his weapon – his would-be victim having the quick wits to slam the brakes on in time – but police later confirmed that a shot had indeed been fired.

Dobbins was later arrested at the Indiana prison where he works and is currently awaiting extradition back to Kentucky, where the video was taken.

Click play below to see his terrifying attack from his victim's point of view.

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