Video captures panic INSIDE plane during Rome crash-landing

A passenger managed to capture what was happening inside an Alitalia plane that crash-landed at a Rome airport on Sunday night after its landing gear failed.

According to the Daily Mail, passenger Michael Puscar got his phone out and started recording as he assumed the brace position.

The footage captures the screams and panic as the plane skids off the runway, coming to rest toppled onto its right wing. Cheers and applause can then be heard as everybody realises no one has been seriously injured.

According to the Daily Telegraph, 10 passengers suffered "light injuries" (cuts and bruises) and were treated by medical staff after the incident at Rome's Fiumicino airport.

The landing gear of the Airbus A320 malfunctioned during a thunderstorm, and the pilot warned air traffic control that the the plane's right wheels had failed to deploy, reports the Mirror.

The Alitalia plane had arrived in Rome from Madrid, and was carrying 151 passengers when it landed on its right wing.

Sky News reports that the national air transport safety agency has opened an investigation into the incident.

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