New Koenigsegg could develop 1400bhp

New Koenigsegg could develop 1400bhp

Christian von Koenigsegg let slip that his upcoming creation, the One: 1, may well be the fastest and most powerful vehicle to roll off the Swedish marque's niche production line.
The car gets its name from the proposed power to weight ratio, which will be a true 1:1 as the Koenigsegg's weight will be measured with all of its liquids and lubricants intact.

Understandably, proposed performance figures sit at the 'epic' end of the spectrum, with the company's computers predicting the car will be the fastest accelerating machine it has ever produced.

The Swedish firm has boasted that the mighty One: 1 will be able to hit the 248mph mark from a standstill in just 20 seconds, making it 25 seconds quicker than the Bugatti Veyron.

Top speed will tickle the 280mph mark, again challenging the mighty Veyron Super Sport that is in the world record books for hitting 258mph.

Koenigseggs tend to err on the expensive side but the latest creation's price tag is said to be "substantially higher" than an Agera R as only six will be produced, with the first prototypes due before the end of the year.

In the interview with Business Week, Christian von Koenigsegg revealed that the research and knowledge garnered from the project would be fed into future, less expensive models.

The incredible performance figures will also likely capture the headlines and imaginations of the world's motoring press, providing invaluable PR opportunities and raising awareness of the brand.

To sum up a car of this magnitude, von Koenigsegg concluded: "No one needs a car like this, they just need to want one."
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