Voters 'want energy bills freeze'

Energy switchMost voters want David Cameron to implement a freeze now on energy bills, according to polling by YouGov.

The research, commissioned by the Labour party, also found 47% of adults believe the Prime Minister will defend the interests of energy companies while just 20% back him to stand up for the public.
%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%It comes after Ed Miliband announced plans last week for a 20-month cap on bills if he wins the 2015 general election.

Energy companies warned the move could leave Britain facing blackouts - claims dismissed as ''scare stories'' by the Labour leader.
The YouGov polling found 63% voters did not believe the energy companies' warnings and 58% of the public wanted the PM to bring in the freeze now.

An overwhelming majority, 84%, had little or no trust in the energy companies, putting them even lower in the public's estimation than the banking sector, which 68% of voters said they did not trust.

:: YouGov surveyed 1,895 adults between September 26-27.

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