The latest celebrity craze? An armoured car that can electrocute intruders

The latest celebrity craze? An armoured car that can electrocute intruders

From tiny dogs in handbags to enormous sunglasses and chrome-plated teeth, the list of recent celebrity crazes is longer than one of Peter Crouch's gangly legs, but the latest must-have item borders on the slightly terrifying.
News broke this week that ex-Spice Girl and America's Got Talent host Mel B joined the growing list of celebrities who have parted with vast sums of cash for the latest armoured car.

Scary Spice's £200,000 Cadillac Escalade has been specially fettled by the Texas Armoring Corporation in San Antonio, a firm that specialises in making vehicles bullet, bomb and even paparazzi proof for well-heeled clients.

The Escalade features external armour plating that can resist an attack from assault rifles and handguns, a pressurised cabin that can protect against gas attacks as well as electric shock door handles that deliver a 'non-lethal' 240-volt charge to any would-be intruder.

Perhaps the icing on the rather ridiculous cake is the fact the Escalade can deliver a James Bond-style belch of white smoke to disable anyone in hot pursuit and even eject small spikes to burst tyres of pesky Paps on motorcycles.

Texas Armoring's Mr Forston, 32, told the Daily Mail: "Five years ago we had no Hollywood celebrities as customers. Nowadays, we have anywhere between 10 to 15 orders a year from celebrities and professional athletes."

But ex-pop stars aren't the only ones becoming overly nervous about personal safety as the likes of Steven Seagal, Tiger Woods and rapper Kanye West have all recently ordered armoured cars of varying protective levels.

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