Giving school kids a taste of the open road

Waiting to become old enough to legally get behind the wheel can be an agonising wait for many teenagers, but now youngsters can at least get a flavour of life as a motorist, thanks to a new scheme by Young Driver.
Having already established a nationwide network of under-17s driving schools, in which children over the age of 11 can practice their car control skills, Young Driver is now launching in schools.

The aim is to introduce children to driving as early as possible, so that they can practice crucial car control skills before venturing out into the open road, with the hope of creating safer drivers.

With young drivers disproportionately represented in crash death statistics, it is perhaps unsurprising that the scheme has had the backing of several motoring organisations.

Schools can take advantage of both theory and practical lessons, which take place on the grounds.

The cars used are dual-control for safety and children are accompanied at all times by a fully qualified driving instructor.

Young Driver founder Kim Stanton said: "Learning to drive is no different to learning a language or a musical instrument: you learn better at an earlier age.

"We have already delivered over 100,000 lessons to under-17s and our research shows that learning to drive at school age halves the likelihood of accidents and saves lives."

The scheme is likely to prove a success, with a recent survey conducted by Auto Trader suggesting that the majority of motorists want driving to feature on the national curriculum.
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