Cook for the Queen at Buckingham Palace for £23,000 a year

The Queen wants a new sous chef to cook for up to 200 guests. She's paying £23,000 a year. Total take-home pay, we estimate, would be around £1,538 per month, though the Royal Household is at pains to point to a good pension scheme.

There's a fair bit of travel. How good a career move is working for Buckingham Palace? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

One needs a chef

For an experienced sous chef, it appears a fairly miserable move, financially. A quick look on revealed several sous chef jobs paying £30,000 plus. It's unlikely you'd be scraping tips from visiting presidents, sheiks or garden party visitors to compensate.

"From state banquets for 200 to lunches for two," reads the job ad, "and from canape receptions for 800 to staff restaurant meals; our chefs prepare it all to the same exceptional standards."

It goes on: "In this hands-on position you will help to lead and train the junior chefs to deliver quality fresh food to the highest standards, and you will also take charge of the kitchen operation when working from smaller kitchens and when deputising for senior colleagues."

Feeding the Royals

Presumably Buckingham Palace will have factored in the kudos for working for the Royal Family, if accused of paying too little. A quick look at other jobs reveals a £15,490 part-time housekeeping post at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Again, not a big payer.

But critically, the new sous chef job includes accommodation, saving you from the mountainous rent and mortgages costs of the Capital. There's also plenty of travelling, so it's goodbye to a regular social life - particularly difficult for families. The Queen wants you to work at several other residencies too, including Balmoral.

In contrast, the average London salary is £46,161 for 2013, estimates Marketing Week. But the Royal Family have deep pockets. Forbes estimates the personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth at $500 million.

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