Video: 'UFOs' filmed over Germany using night vision

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Video: 'UFOs' filmed over Germany captured with night vision
Video: 'UFOs' filmed over Germany captured with night vision

Three mystery green shapes were filmed over Wittenberge, Germany using full zoom and night vision.

The UFOs are seen as two triangular shapes and a third circle. The triangles appear to rotate and seem to repel when they first approach each other.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, FBI special agent Ben Hansen says: "The video has signs of night vision fakery.

"It looks like they added a night vision video effect with a green tint and even some 'grainy noise' - the sparkling pixels which are common when night vision is shot in near complete darkness."

He added that the triangular objects are "too defined. Although the latest night vision technology is very good, when we film in near total darkness, the most intensely lit objects typically give off a slight 'halo' or 'blooming' effect."

The video was posted on UFOFilesTV but remains anonymous.

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