Machine gun found hidden in ceiling at airport

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Machine gun found hidden in ceiling at airport
Machine gun found hidden in ceiling at airport

A Mac-11 machine gun was discovered inside a storage room at JFK Airport in New York on Thursday. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

The weapon was found during renovation at Terminal One, the international terminal used by Air France, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

A source told the New York Daily News that the gun was still in the plastic case that the weapon usually comes in.

ABC Local reports that an electrician doing renovation work found the machine gun.

Port Authority police released a statement reading: "At 10:10 Am today a contractor running cable in the ceiling of a management office at Terminal #1 at JFK found a case in a storage closet containing a Mac-11 subcompact machine pistol.

"The office which is locked and accessible only to a few people is located OUTSIDE the terminal's secure area. The contractor immediately called Port Authority Police which took possession of the weapon. The PAPD is investigating whether the weapon is operable. No ammo was in the gun nor found near the weapon."

JFK managers are being questioned to find out if any of them owns the firearm, while detectives are trying to determine how old the gun is and whether it was ever used in a crime.

The Mac-11 is known for rapidly discharging its 32-round magazine in less than two seconds.

Machine Gun Found at JFK Airport
Machine Gun Found at JFK Airport

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