Beach house living - add coastal style to your home

Caroline Cassidy

A little coastal style in your home goes a long way to giving the place a bright and airy feel, reminiscent of the seafront, but it's not necessarily about driftwood and nautical-themed accessories.

Coastal style home
Coastal style home

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Check out our guide to creating a cool, contemporary coastal atmosphere throughout your home.

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Stripes are a fast and easy way to beginning your coastal-themed room or home. These simple timeless patterns in light colours like cream and pale blues or greens instantly conjure images of seaside abodes. Whether it's a striped sofa, a striped feature wall, or even adding cushions or accessories, it's a simple way to get the coastal feel.

If you've already opted for striped features or furniture, keep the rest of the room simple to create that bright and airy feel. With striped fabrics or features, it's best to keep the rest of the room simple - choose creams or beiges, and try washed wood panelling for a beach house style.

A natural finish
Those who prefer to keep the sofas and walls free of stripes should choose a white or cream colour for walls and furniture, and team it with natural furnishings and accessories to get that seaside vibe. A hessian rug, natural carpet or wooden panelling will both accent and complement the plain walls and furniture, but add a contemporary just-off-the-beach feel.
Accessories are a cheap and cheerful way to add a little nautical charm to your home. Next time you're at the seaside, look for beautifully-crafted wooden oars, heavy fishermen's baskets or even an unusual coastal painting or print of fish. Should your coastal style be a summertime preference, you can easily change the accessories for a cosy winter.

Maximise light
Coastal style is all about letting in the light so do your utmost to clear space around windows and allow the sunshine to flood the room. Pale or white blinds or voiles, with window frames in a similarly light shade, will emphasise and maximise the natural light in the room, and for a truly beach house feel, consider investing in a timeless set of wooden shutters.