OAP fishes ninth car out of pond in 20 years

OAP fishes ninth car out of pond in 20 years

A retired homeowner woke up to find a crashed car upturned in her garden pond – the ninth time such an incident has happened in twenty years.> In the latest incident, Stella Lemmon, 74, was awoken by a loud bang on Sunday evening. Venturing out into the garden to investigate, she was greeted by the sight of a half submerged Vauxhall Corsa, which had ploughed through her garden fence and into her 12-foot deep pond.

"I can't say I couldn't believe my eyes, because I've seen it all before," said Lemmon. "But you can never get over the fact that there's a car sinking into your serene pond.

"The car was upside down and the boys inside were smashing the windows trying to get out.

"When they scrambled up the bank, they were soaking wet and shivering.

"The driver obviously took the bend too fast - he was probably a boy racer or showing off to his friends."

Luckily, none of the car's occupants suffered serious injuries.

A similar situation occurred just nine months ago, when a Saab driver lost control on the same bend, just the other side of Lemmon's garden fence and became lodged in a tree above the pond.

"Something needs to be done about that bend, I'm sick of having to fish people out of my pond," she added.

Sussex Police confirmed they were investigating the incident and that the Corsa's driver had provided a clean specimen of breath.

"It's obviously a very lucky escape," a spokesman said.

OAP fishes ninth car out of pond in 20 years

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