Long term report: Skoda Citigo Sport

Long term report: Skoda Citigo

At last... I've had a proper drive of the Skoda Citigo Sport.
The car has been with us for three months now, but it has only been the past couple of weeks where I've had a chance to have some quiet time with the little Czech city car. And I can now understand why my colleagues are reluctant to hand over the keys.

You see, despite its puny little engine – a 58bhp 1.0-litre in a car that's badged Sport, seriously? – the Skoda is an entertaining car to drive. Now, while I know many motoring journalists say this about a wide variety of budget cars, the Citigo Sport actually is rather fun when you're behind the wheel.

Thanks to a taut little chassis, accurate steering and a snickety gear-change, the Sport can be a real delight on the right roads.

Sport models get stiffened suspension too, which resulted in our car being able to fly around corners at breakneck speeds.

And while you're probably thinking the ride has been ruined, it really hasn't – even with our car's larger 16-inch alloys. Sure, it doesn't provide Rolls-Royce levels of comfort, but I'm in my 20s - I can put up with a slightly firm ride.

You do have to pay ludicrous amounts of attention when you're behind the wheel, though. Failing to keep the Citigo Sport on the boil can result in your reasonably-rapid progress fall off quicker than Barbara Windsor's bikini top in Carry on Camping. But that's half the fun, surely?

Next month I have planned a number of trips in the car - check back to find out how I get on.
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