Get paid to live a life of luxury


It sounds too good to be true: a website is advertising for someone to live the life of luxury, sampling the world's finest products and experiences. The winning candidate will be paid to eat at the best new restaurants, road-test the most extravagant cars, and play with the most sophisticated new technology.

So could this be the best job ever?

The job sent out the job advert for a Luxury Living Executive to its members last week. The idea is to sample the extraordinary luxury that the website sells, and report back on your experiences to the site's users. It said the aim was to: "provide members with an even more rigorous insight into newly launching luxury."

Instead of advertising, it emailed its existing members, saying that it felt its members were most likely to be appropriate candidates. It added: "The ideal candidate would be: an early adopter; discerning; eloquent; familiar with fashion, hospitality, cuisine and technology; and have experience of the luxury market."

The Guardian said that 'experience of the luxury market' doesn't necessarily mean only the wealthy need apply. A spokesperson told the newspaper that candidates might have worked for a luxury brand - or someone who owns a lot of them.

The downside

If you're keen you have until tomorrow to apply. However, you should bear in mind that there might be a bit of competition. The Daily Mail reported that in the first few days after the advert was sent out, over 1,000 people applied.

It's also worth pointing out that no salary has actually been mentioned yet. The site says it will be negotiated with the successful candidate. Of course if it doesn't pay all that well you could find yourself in the difficult position of spending your life sampling incredible things that you'll never be able to afford.

So is this the best job of all time?

On paper it's certainly a candidate - assuming the hours and pay are reasonable. However, it has competition.

Sadly the application deadline has just expired for one candidate: the chance to travel around the world for a year, with all your expenses paid and a $100,000 salary. The competition is being held by travel website Jauntaroo, which will ask the winner to 'leave each destination "a little better than when you found it" and blog about the experience.

We reported on another great opportunity this week, as Nasa is paying volunteers £7,000 to stay in bed for ten weeks. Of course in practice, the novelty of not having to get out of bed on a Monday morning will eventually give way to the frustration of never being able to lift your head higher than your feet, but the pay is still pretty impressive for doing nothing.

Then, of course, there's the job which is actually called the 'Best Job in the World'. It's an initiative by the Australian Tourist Board, in which keen people from around the world compete for the chance to join a team that works their way around the country for a year sampling the best that it has to offer - and being paid £100,000 for their efforts.

But what do you think? What's the best job in the wold?
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