Ensure your car is fail-proof come MOT time

Ensure your car is fail-proof come MOT time

The month of September is one of the busiest times of year for MOT testers thanks to registration plate changes occurring and punters flocking to purchase the newest cars on forecourts.
Sadly, for those of us with slightly more dated cars, this time of year can be one of the most nerve-racking as we fret about the roadworthiness of our daily rides.

Recent changes to the test have added a further dollop of worry to car owners as previously overlooked areas such as faulty warning lights, the health of engine mountings and tighter checks on speedometers are now included.

But there are a few simple checks any motorist can make before venturing to their local MOT centre to ensure time and money isn't wasted.

Frank Flynn, RAC technical information manager spoke exclusively to AOL Cars with a few simple tips that could save motorists the heartache of an MOT failure.

"Time spent checking your vehicle over before the MOT will be time, and probably money, saved," says Flynn.

1. "Firstly, check your tyre treads and pressures and don't forget to check your spare wheel as well. A quick trip to your local garage and a good look at tread wear indicators could save you a heap of cash."

2. "Don't forget to inspect your windscreen for chips or cracks and take a look at your wiper blades. If the rubber is looking past its best or they wipers are smearing, get them changed."

3. "Check all your lights are working, including your brake lights and hazard lights. Rope in someone to help or park you car near a reflective surface to make sure all lights are functioning. If not,replace them before the MOT."

4. "It is worth taking the opportunity to tidy your car up, as a cluttered dashboard can be a hazard and ensure that the boot (spare wheel), seats and seat belts are accessible."

5. "The key mechanical check would be your brakes but that isn't particularly easy to do so be sure to service your car regularly and ensure you don't put off essential maintenance."

6. "Finally - if you typically drive short journeys around town it may be wise to take your car for a longer drive (five to 10 miles) at a good steady speed, which will give the engine the chance to warm-up properly and will certainly help with the emissions test."

You can check out the full list of changes to the MOT test here.
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