City analyst breaks bouncer's nose in row over bill at five-star hotel

A City analyst faces jail after breaking the nose of a bouncer at a five-star hotel in London after a dispute over a bar bill.

David Reynolds, 31, appeared at City of London Magistrates Court on Wednesday and was found guilty of assault by beating after breaking the nose of Araz Draey, over an unpaid bill.

According to the Daily Mail, Reynolds punched Draey after he was kicked out of the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.

Giving evidence, Mr Reynolds said: "I absolutely did not punch Mr Draey, I never have been in a fight in my life, I have never punched anyone - that is not who I am."

Mr Draey said: "He punched me in the face in my nose with a closed fist. It was hard enough to break my nose - I got several fractures."

The court heard how Reynolds drunkenly made claims he was related to the Royal family.

Magistrate chair Mena Rego said: "We have heard a great deal of alcohol was consumed by you and your friends and this undoubtedly would have had a bearing on your account and behaviour."

"We gave greater weight to the account of the bouncers."

Reynolds will be sentenced on 4 October.

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