Peugeot 406 turned into 'Ferrari' limo

Peugeot 406 turned into 'Ferrari' limo

Back in the 80s, stretched limousines were the ultimate automotive accessory for the rich and famous. Size, as they say, mattered, and there was no better way to show off your status than by arriving in a car that was just plain bigger than everyone else's.

Now, much like shoulder pads and shell suits, (most) people have seen the light, with the stretched limo now seen as a statement of tasteless and vulgar extravagance, and suitable only for transporting drunken ladies about on hen nights.

To hammer that point home, Ukrainian 'limousine experts' Vip-Lim have taken a Peugeot 406 Coupe – a subtly handsome Pininfarina styled car – and turned it into this monstrosity, a hideous interpretation of the achingly gorgeous Ferrari F430.

If you think the outside is bad, wait until you're transported through the gull-wing door and into the interior. Styled on the fevered imaginings of a Ferrari obsessed ten-year-old, there is much in the way of gaudy neon lights and prancing horses.

No doubt the conversion took much time and effort, but who in their right mind would be seen dead in this thing? On second thoughts, we shudder to think.
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