Mazda RX-8 could return as rotary-hybrid

Mazda RX-8 could return as rotary-hybrid

Mazda's Wankel-engined sports cars may return to the UK, AOL Cars has learned, with company bosses suggesting that the rotary-powered RX-8 could come back in hybrid form.
Mazda UK's sales director Peter Allibon believes the Japanese firm could enter new sectors across the market and that although it's not on the radar at the moment, the brand's Wankel engine hasn't been forgotten.

Allibon suggests that if the industry was to see a next generation RX-8, the firm's Skyactiv engine technology could play an important role in the development of the brand's signature rotary unit – perhaps opening a gap in the market for an RX-8 hybrid sportscar.

"I myself don't know what the plans are for the RX-8, but the rotary engine is still very much at the heart of the brand,' Allibon explained. "I think the RX-8 will play a part in the future, but now isn't its time.

"The development of Skyactiv technology could even mean we see the next rotary engine come in the form of a hybrid."

However, Allibon suggests that there is room for the Japanese brand to develop new models in the market such as an A-segment city car.

"I think there is an opportunity for Mazda to expand and enter new sectors,' he said. 'As an example, we currently don't have a city sub-B segment car, but there is certainly potential for one."

He added: "The CX-5 is a very popular car and we can already see more opportunities for global expansion. I wouldn't write-off the possibility of producing a smaller or larger model."
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