Couple caught having sex behind the wheel

Couple caught having sex behind the wheel

A US motorist got the surprise of her life when she overtook a people carrier on the motorway, only to find the driver having sex with his passenger while behind the wheel.

Filmed on the Eisenhower expressway outside Chicago, the amorous couple at first seem oblivious to the camera filming their lovemaking, though don't seem too bothered when they realise, with the driver even giving a friendly wave.

The cameraman, however, seems much more bashful, protesting that he doesn't want to look as the driver of the car instructs him to get a shot of the lady "bouncing" in the man's lap.

This couple is the latest in a long line of Americans caught-out having sex in cars. In May this year a New Mexico man was arrested after crashing his car while having sex. His female passenger was found naked at the side of the road having been ejected from the car.

Click play below to watch camera footage of the couple in action (non-explicit)

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