British workers save for holidays over retirement

Caroline Cassidy

The average British worker is more likely to put their hard-earned cash towards a holiday than their retirement, a new study has found.

Brits saving for holidays rather than retirement
Brits saving for holidays rather than retirement

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Research conducted by peer-to-peer lending service Zopa found that 36 per cent of us are putting money away for a sunshine break, while only 26 per cent are thinking long term and squirreling money away for old age. And one in five are either unable or unwilling to think about the future, confessing that they have no savings at all.

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While holidays topped the savings goals poll, a retirement nest egg managed only third in the top 10 list, with emergency funds coming in second. Saving for children, getting a foot on the property ladder, a new car and future repairs came next on the list of goals.

The survey revealed that two thirds consider themselves good with money and 81 per cent admitted they would need to save in order to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But only 21 per cent of those who are saving are actively saving for the day they stop working.

Furthermore, 59 per cent of those with savings keep their money in low interest rates, with some getting a paltry 0.66 per cent for their investment. Little wonder then that eight out of 10 have little or no trust in our savings provider.

Independent financial analyst Louise Cooper told the Daily Mail: "Britons need to bulk up their savings to get them working as hard as they do, even more so when money is tight.
"To ensure your savings are fighting fit, it's important to know where to cut the fat when looking at savings options."

Ms Cooper added: "Peer-to-peer lending offers a real alternative to banks with higher rates for savers to help your money grow. If you don't like bankers, why give them your savings?"

Are you saving for retirement, or is the annual getaway top of your list? Leave your comments below...