The Saint's Volvo saved from Welsh farm

It's a radical change from rusting hulk covered in nettles on a North Wales farm to pristine restoration job. Volvo P1800 enthusiast Kevin Price found The Saint's original Volvo sports car in 1991. He spent much of the last 15 years restoring 71 DXC, once driven by Sir Roger Moore, to former glory.

The whole body was rebuilt - and The Saint's car now drives beautifully, claims Price. %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Cool ride

"As much of the original car," Price told the Mail, "was retained as possible and it drives beautifully. You wouldn't think it was a 1962 car." Roger Moore himself is a big fan of the car (though several were used for the series), also choosing to own one privately.

The P1800's top-speed of 110mph looks fairly pedestrian now while the 0-60mph dash took around 10 seconds - not much faster than some modern average superminis can manage. In fact, the P1800 model was almost aborted by Volvo after VW forbade coach builder Karmann to build it on behalf of the Swedish car company.

However Bristol-based Jensen took on much of the job before quality control issues saw Volvo return the project to Sweden. But the car was a big hit on British TV screens - there were 120 episodes - in total, around 60 flaunting the P1800, giving the car plenty of free advertising.

(The Saint's producers had originally angled for an E-Type Jag, but Jaguar were inundated by sales demand, turning them down.)

Original the best

Most of the Saint's ITV filming was carried out at the Elstree Studios. Volvo attempted to revive the sports coupe P1800 spirit in 1996, again with The Saint. Val Kilmer drove a cherry red Volvo C70, a design by Peter Horbury, featuring a rakish rear window in the style of the P1800.

But the original was the best, said Sir Roger Moore in the past. "I have a great affection for the Volvo P1800, as, of course, I owned one as well as used one in the series. It's a beautiful car, and I still drive a Volvo to this day."

Values for Price's car? Difficult to estimate but if precedent is anything to go by, it could sell for a substantial amount. The original 007 Lotus Esprit submarine car, from the film The Spy Who Love Me, recently sold at London auction for £550,000.

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The Saint's Volvo saved from Welsh farm
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