Chris Pfeiffer tears up the Akrapovic factory

Chris Pfeiffer tears up the Akrapovic factory

You may never have heard of Akrapovic, but the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer has developed an enviable reputation in performance bike and car circles as the aftermarket brand to choose for quality, reliability and proven performance gains.
Now, to get their name spread further, they've invited four-time Stunt Riding world champion Chris Pfeiffer for a tour of the factory.

"So what?" you may be thinking – but this is no ordinary factory tour, Pfeiffer brought his BMW Motorrad F 800 R performance bike along, and like a child who's had too many E-numbers, he simply can't keep still.

Watch as Pfeiffer peruses the rolling road, inspects the welding bays and flits about the factory in a way only he can. We certainly don't envy whoever had to clean up the skid marks afterwards.

Click play below to view this awesome display of skill for yourself.

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