Parking fines rocket as Sunday patrols introduced

Parking fines rocket as Sunday patrols introduced

The number of parking tickets issued across the UK has increased sharply, as more and more councils introduce parking charges and patrols on a Sunday.
Motorists are currently being issued around 900,000 parking fines a month – a four per cent rise on last year – with a total cost of around £30million, according to freedom of information requests submitted by car insurance providers LV=.

The number of tickets issued on a Sunday has risen by a steep 13 per cent, with 300,000 tickets issued on that day in the first five months of this year.

Traditionally, parking rules have been relaxed or waived altogether on Sundays, but an increase in the popularity in Sunday shopping has had councils reconsidering parking enforcement – and the potential for increased revenue.

The AA has said that some traffic wardens had "targeted churchgoers and choristers," reported the Daily Mail.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, motorists battling for parking spaces in London have received the most tickets, with Westminster Council topping the rankings for the number of Sunday parking tickets issued this year at 16,464. It was closely followed by Lambeth Council (6,590) and Birmingham City Council (3,909).

According to LV='s research, the average number of parking tickets issued across the UK each day is 162, compared to 154 last year.

AA president Edmund King criticised the findings, saying it was "mean spirited" to fine people on a Sunday.

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