The most pointless car customisation ever

The most pointless car customisation ever

Money can't buy taste, or so the saying goes. And as this video proves, it can't buy you common sense either.
Yes, as you've probably been able to tell from the above image, a Dubai-based car modifier has proudly – though inexplicably – relocated the driver's controls on a Nissan Patrol 4x4 to the rear middle passenger seat.

This logic-defying creation is the work of King of Customs Garage, and its creator can be seen proudly showing off his baby – clearly not recognising the sheer pointlessness of the undoubtedly complex transformation.

In his defence, however, he has likely created the first car ever that can be piloted from the back seat, which has to count for something. No?

And what have they done with the now vacant space in front of the driver's seat? In a display of huge originality, they've elected to stick a TV in it, to accompany the other two already installed in the dashboard.

If you fancy your own rear-seat driven car, King of Customs is open to commissions. However, may we suggest you seek help instead.

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