Hard-shoulder snoozer arrested

Hard-shoulder snoozer arrested

A motorist has been arrested after pulling over on the hard shoulder of the M3 to have a nap.
Police apprehended the unidentified man, who had been drinking, after spotting a stationary car on the side of the busy northbound carriageway.

Hampshire police's road policing division was so stunned by the driver's behaviour that they took to their Twitter account to warn others of the idiocy of his actions.

The driver now faces a court appearance and a likely ban for drink-driving, as well as further action over his potentially fatal snooze.

His arrest follows the recent change in the law, which gives police greater powers to tackle careless and dangerous driving.

Under the new rules, officers will now be able to issue fixed penalty notices for a range of offences – including controversial 'middle lane-hogging' – rather than having to chase offenders through the courts.

Other anti-social driving behaviour being cracked down on includes tailgating and failing to use turning signals correctly.

As well as three penalty points, those on the receiving end of a fixed penalty notice will also have to cough up a £100 fine – up from the previous £60 penalty.

However, for the chap caught asleep at the wheel, the more serious crime of dangerous driving is likely to apply, with the risk of a custodial sentence being handed down.
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