Bus driver facing sack for texting on TWO mobiles at wheel in Croatia

A bus driver in Croatia is facing the sack after texting while driving on not one but TWO mobile phones.

One bus passenger Zlatko Kralj told CEN: "I could not believe what he was doing but he didn't care. He was typing SMS messages on two mobile phones at the same time while driving with his elbows at 130 km/h.

"We said you're mad and he said he needed to just send the message, and carried on."

The owner of the bus company, Promet Makarska, told daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija the driver will now be sacked.

Mate Jujnovic, the owner of Promet Makarska, said: "There is no excuse, we are now preparing his papers, nothing can save him from getting sacked."

The bus was travelling from the southern town of Split to the capital Zagreb and the driver said he wanted to tell friends he was running late after being caught in a traffic jam.

One passenger said: "He should have sent them when he was in the jam, not wait until he was on the road again."

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