World's smallest pony kidnapped by Italian mafia?

World's smallest pony kidnapped by Italian mafia?

The world's smallest pony has been kidnapped from a horse show in Italy and police fear the mafia could be behind the crime.

Charlie, a 63cm-tall pony, was snatched from his stall overnight in the town of Città di Castello, Umbria.

According to the Daily Mail, police believe the mafia may be involved and could be holding the animal for ransom.

Charlie was due to perform with his owner Bartolo Messina, who had to alert the police when he found his stall empty.

The Huffington Post reports that the pony's size means it can be hidden just about anywhere.

"We have been victims of a serious criminal act," an official associated with the horse show told local paper Corriere Dell'Umbria.

They added that they "have always prevented ... similar incidents," and that this "shameful action ... has nothing to do with the horse world and its values."

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