Video: The Galapagos Islands on Google Street View

Always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands but can't afford the trip? Well now you can do it from your armchair - on a virtual tour on Google Street View.

To mark the 178th anniversary of the British scientist Charles Darwin's visit to the island, Google has teamed up with the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

The hi-definition 360 degree pictures were taken with a special backpack camera during ten days in May. Watch the video to see how crews dived with sea lions and got up close and personal with giant tortoises.

"Now, you can visit the islands from anywhere you may be, and see many of the animals that Darwin experienced on his historic groundbreaking journey in 1835", Says Raleigh Seamster in his Google Earth Outreach blog post.

"This will not only allow armchair travellers to experience the islands from their computer, but it will also play an instrumental role in ongoing research of the environment, conservation, animal migration patterns, and the impact of tourism on the islands."

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