US cop slams into motorcycle without slowing down

US Cop slams into motorcycle without slowing down

A couple from the US state of Ohio has been hospitalised after being rear-ended at high speed by a state trooper.
Patrolling a highway in the dead of night, the police car's on-board camera shows Jacob Daymon catching up to a motorcycle at high speed.

Despite the bike being visible from quiet a distance, Daymon ploughs straight into the back of it, causing it to flip over several times.

The video shows Daymon making no attempt to slow his vehicle or in any way avoid the collision, suggesting that he wasn't paying attention to the road.

Even more worryingly, the trooper seems more concerned with the state of his car than the fate of his luckless victims – giving them a cursory "Ya'll-right?" before examining his smoking engine bay at length.

Both riders remain in hospital, nearly a month after the August 17 accident. They attribute their survival to their crash helmets.

It has not yet been decided whether Jacob Daymon will face disciplinary action. He has been advised by his legal representation not to pass comment.

Click play below to watch dash-cam footage of the crash. Some viewers may find the video disturbing.

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