Mercedes-Benz to rival Rolls-Royce with £200k Pullman

Mercedes-Benz to rival Rolls-Royce with £200k Pullman

Mercedes-Benz is to produce a rival to the top-tier limousines from Rolls-Royce and Bentley with an S-Class based luxury model.
Called the 'Pullman', the car will go on sale with a £200,000 pricetag, Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche revealed to Autocar magazine.

"It will occupy the €200- to €250,000 position, and will not just be the ultimate expression of the S-class as a model, but of what Mercedes can offer as a brand," he said at the Frankfurt motor show.

Mercedes previously occupied this rarefied marketplace with the Maybach limousine. However, it was poorly received, particularly compared to the Rolls-Royce Phantom it was pitched against and was axed after 11 years in production.

The new S-Class saloon exhibits all of the luxury and technological advancements expected of a Mercedes flagship, and the company is hoping to build on that with a version tailored to the individual needs of its wealthiest customers.

"It has become clear to us during the gestation of the current version that the S-class is considered 'the car' in the full-sized executive segment: the pre-eminent power in the class," Zetsche continued.

"As Mercedes grows in stature and success globally, so the potential of the S-class grows."

The Pullman is expected to have bespoke interior and exterior styling, and greater use of high-end materials compared to the standard S-Class.

It will join an S-Class model line-up that will eventually include a coupe and convertible, as well as the currently available saloon model.
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