Horrific runaway SUV collision caught on CCTV

Horrific runaway SUV collision caught on CCTV

The shocking moment an SUV driver lost control of his car and ploughed into a group of pedestrians has been caught on camera.
Five students were hospitalised after the driver accidentally pressed the accelerator rather than the brake while trying to parking in the New York City borough of Queens.

The footage shows the car hopping the curb, knocking down a street sign and then smashing into one girl, before driving out of shot.

Two girls were pinned underneath the SUV in the accident, but thanks to the quick thinking – and immense strength – of a group of passing men, they were rescued after the 4x4 was lifted off them.

One 13-year-old girl suffered a broken leg and another a broken hip. Two boys were also taken to hospital with less serious injuries.

The driver is unlikely to face criminal charges, though is likely to be ticketed for driving violations.

Click play below to watch the footage, though be warned, it doesn't make for pleasant viewing.

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