UK's first snowfall of winter arrives

UK's first snowfall of winter arrives

Winter's first snow has arrived in the UK, with Scotland's Cairngorm mountains already covered in the white stuff.

Parts of Aberdeenshire and Northumberland have already experienced temperatures below freezing, and the cold weather and snow storms are heading south from Scotland, says the Met Office.

Speaking in the Daily Record, Met Office forecaster Lindsay Mears said: "Low pressure from Iceland means that cloud, rain and strong winds will move south across all areas from Sunday, with severe gales a risk in the north of the UK."

Temperatures across the UK are likely to hover at under 10C for most of next week, according to Met Office forecasts.

But don't pack away the BBQ quite yet. Long-range forecasters say that things are likely to warm up again at the end of the month and even into October.

Forecaster Craig Snell told the Daily Express: "It's going to get warm again with many places, including London, seeing temperatures in the mid-20s."

The end of the UK's summer heatwave has been traumatic for many parts of the country, with flash flooding in North Yorkshire and a massive hailstorms in Cornwall.

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