Infiniti to launch performance car range

Infiniti to launch performance car range

Japanese luxury brand Infiniti has confirmed it will create a performance range of cars – but they may not wear Sebastian Vettel's name.
Speaking to AOL Cars at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show, Infiniti president Johan de Nysschen said we can expect sporty versions of its cars, but is in discussions as to whether the cars will wear badges bearing the Red Bull driver's name.

"We can expect, in time, a very clear emergence of an Infiniti performance range," de Nysschen told us. "I'm not going to speculate on what we are going to call it just yet, but we will have our own high-performance line."

Infiniti's last 'hot' car was the FX Vettel. Limited to just 150 units around the world, the car was a potent symbol of the Japanese firm's partnership with the then two-time F1 world champion. Costing £100,000 it wore carbon fibre created by the Red Bull F1 team, additional spoilers and owners benefitted from special hospitality.

But de Nysschen could not confirm whether Infiniti's forthcoming performance line-up will use Vettel's name.

"Whether we do more limited edition derivatives bearing Sebastian's name is something we need to discuss with him and internally on the merits of such a partnership. It is a fantastic association – but, on the other hand, there is no guarantee he will be with Infiniti Red Bull Racing in two years time, for example."

The FX Vettel came about through talks between Infiniti and the triple-world champion who both recognised "it was a good opportunity and were anxious to bring a tangible benefit to market".

However, despite its small numbers, not all FX Vettels have sold. "What that figure is I do not know," said de Nysschen. "There are some things I do not commit to memory."

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