Video: Ramblers stuck on stile for an hour between two angry bulls

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A pair of ramblers in Cornwall got stuck on a stile for an hour - with two angry bulls "snorting and pawing" at the ground on either side of them.

Jennifer O'Malley and her partner Dave Alden were enjoying a stroll on Saturday afternoon
when they saw one of the animals coming towards them.

They ran for safety in the next field but when they climbed the stile, they found another bull blocking their way.

The terrified couple then sat on the stile for 45 minutes in Altarnun, Cornwall, hoping the bulls would go away. But neither showed any sign of leaving.

Dave tried to make a run for it but was butted back into the fence, suffering a cut wrist in the process.

He decided to film their encounter in a bid to warn other walkers about the animals.

His commentary says: "So here we are on a pubic footpath. This is the stile in the middle. We've got this bull on this side and this bull on this side."

The pair eventually made their getaway by crawling sideways through a thick bramble bush.

Speaking to the Western Morning News, Jennifer said: "It was nearly impenetrable and we got scratched to bits but it was the only option we had.

"I've never encountered anything like it.

"We think the bulls were trying to get to each other... they were snorting, bellowing and pawing the ground and we were stuck in the middle with nowhere to go.

"It really was quite awful and so terrifying it's put me off walking."

According to the Daily Mail, the National Farmers' Union (NFU) said incidents like this were "very, very rare".

Spokesman Ian Johnson told the paper: "We don't know the exact circumstances about how the bulls ended up in the fields, but what happened sounds pretty traumatic.

"I've seen and heard bulls bellowing at each other and I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that."

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