Man confesses to drink-drive death in YouTube video

Man confesses to drink-drive death in YouTube video

An Ohio man has posted a video on YouTube, fully confessing to causing death through drink-driving, in a bid to deter others from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.
Matthew Cordle crashed into Vincent Canzani in June this year, after he veered into oncoming traffic while driving home from heavy drinking session.

The video, which has high production values, starts with Cordle's face hidden by pixels and his voice distorted. He explains how he was arrested after the crash and that his lawyers could get him off he just lied about what happened.

Then, suddenly you can see Cordle clearly, as he states that he won't dishonour the memory of his victim by trying to escape the punishment he has coming.

The film was published in conjunction with 'Because I Said I Would', a website which publishes promises and confessions.

Prior to the video's release Cordle had yet to be charged, but now prosecutors have seen it, he now faces the charge of aggravated vehicular homicide.

A brave act, or too little too late? Click play below and judge for yourself.

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