Video: Sticker of 'kidnapped woman' on truck causing controversy in Texas

Video: Sticker of 'kidnapped woman' on truck causing controversy in Texas

A transfer on a truck that gives the optical illusion that a 'kidnapped' woman is bound in the back has been causing a stir in Texas. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Police have received a number of calls regarding the sticker, which was made by Hornet Signs, a marketing and advertising company in Waco that specialises in car wrap ads.

Brad Kolb, the owner of the company, said a female employee volunteered to be tied and photographed so it could be made.

The sticker was then put on an employee's truck around a month ago to gauge how realistic their transfers, also known as decals, are.

"I wasn't expecting the reactions we got, nor do we condone this by any means," Kolb told KWTX.

"It was more or less something we put out there to see who noticed it."

And it certainly did get attention - but mostly not positive. According to the Daily Mail, one KWTX viewer said: One viewer said" "Abduction or any violence against women is not funny or cute."

Mr Kolb said that orders for tailgate decals have gone up since the sticker appeared on the streets.

And one person noted that, although it's in poor taste, the sticker did get attention, saying: "This American business owner has a decal that made the news. Like it or not, it works."

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