Video: Dramatic moment fast food van explodes after gas leak

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A fast food van exploded right next to an unsuspecting worker sitting nearby smoking a cigarette.

The man can be seen flicking a cigarette butt out of the window before the van explodes into a fireball, with shards of glass, wood and metal shooting 40ft into the sky.

The explosion caused more than £10,000 of damage to the trailer, parked vehicles, and KD Catering Butcher in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The van sold food and drink off a layby on the A22, and Kevin Delves, owner of KD Catering Butchers and its car park, said he allowed the woman who owned the trailer to park it there at night.

According to the Daily Mail and the Mirror, Mr Delves said: 'I had only been at work for half an hour when I heard this almighty explosion and saw a bright flash of flames.

'The whole building shook, a window was blown out, and light fittings and plaster came away from the ceilings."

He added that he saw gas leaking from a canister after the explosion, so ran inside to call 999.

He added: 'The video shows one of my butchers pulling up, and appearing to throw a cigarette butt out of his car window immediately before the blast.

"I think it's a coincidence because the wind was blowing the gas in the opposite direction and the explosion started from within the trailer."

Miraculously, nobody was hurt in the explosion, which occurred at 5.45am on 29 August.

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