Long term report: Volvo XC60

Long term report: Volvo XC60

It felt as if the Volvo XC60 left AOL Cars towers as quickly as it came in, and it is with a heavy heart that we wave farewell to our faithful servant this month.
The excellent AJ62 YRV has been with us for just over three months but in that time it has made one hell of an impact. Stylistically, it may not set the world alight but upon first seeing our long termer, we all new it boasted a certain understated touch of class that received slight nods from fellow motorists as opposed to slack-jawed stares.

But the big Volvo isn't about showy paint-jobs (a few members of staff took issue with the beige hue), enormous alloys or dainty LED light arrangements, it's about cruising in comfort with enough room for five occupants and a lot of luggage.

During its time at CarDealer towers, AJ62 YRV made several vital trips to the airport, regularly transported kayaks to the coast and played a starring role in a number of summer 'staycations'.

It was just so accomplished at digesting the motorway miles that it became the wheels of choice for anyone with a long journey on their hands.

Volvo treated us to a SE Lux Nav version, so we were pampered with the likes of Bluetooth (which was extremely easy to set up and streamed music), parking sensors (which came in very handy when navigating city centre car parks) and sumptuous leather seats (that cosseted the derriere on long schleps).

Dark tinted rear glass was an options box we probably wouldn't have ticked but it did do a fantastic job of keeping young children protected from the sun's harmful rays and made already impressed friends feel like celebrities as the XC60 made light work of busy city centres.

However, no relationship is without its niggles and, even though the Volvo was generally loved by all, there were a couple of minor gripes.

Firstly, the electronic fuel gauge was a little scatter-brained. One minute the big Volvo would have a solid quarter of a tank and the next, it would be running on fumes. The estimated range was just as frustrating, making it nearly impossible to play service station chicken and requiring a fuel-up just in case petrol stations thinned out along the route.

Secondly, the centre console and displays all felt a bit dated, with the Scandinavian marque opting for 'dot-matrix' style presentations for driver information rather than the crystal clear LCD displays of more modern vehicles.

But as far as complaints go, that really is it. Yes, it's not the most frugal machine on the market with a big, 2.4-litre diesel powerplant, but it pulled brilliantly. Plus, all Volvo models are currently undergoing a thorough refresh and we think an updated XC60 with a more efficient engine and sexier interior could easily rival the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

Volvo, if you're reading this, we'll happily take a new one off your hands when the time comes.

The knowledge

Model: Volvo XC60 D5 SE Lux Nav
Price: £40,250 as tested
Engine: 2.4 Diesel
Power: 212bhp
Max speed: 127mph
0-60mph: 7.8 seconds
MPG: 41.5mpg
Emissions: 179 g/km CO2
Mileage this month: 758
Costs this month: £0

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Long term report: Volvo XC60
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