Victoria Beckham has bike stolen on trip to New York

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Victoria Beckham is currently in the Big Apple getting ready to show her new collection at New York Fashion Week.

But it appeared her day didn't finish so well on Friday when she left work to find her bike had been stolen.

Instagram/Victoria Beckham

She posted a picture on her Instagram page of the front wheel left looking sad and lonely on its own, writing: "So I won't be riding home tonight then! x vb"

But some of her followers seemed rather incredulous that she was cycling around the city in the first place, with one user, Beckie Brown, writing: "Don't believe for a second that you cycled anywhere."

And other comments appeared to mock the way she locked the bike. One wrote: "How smart of you to lock the front wheel. Next time the frame, maybe?"

Come on people, give the girl a break - she just lost her bike!

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