Caroline Flack's knickers set off metal detectors at French airport

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It seems Caroline Flack's knickers got a French airport's metal detectors in a twist - because they had stud details on them.

The TV presenter host suffered a red-faced moment when she was trying to get through security at Marseille Airport and her knickers set off the metal detector alarm.

She was first frisked by a guard, but when it happened again she was taken behind a screen for a more thorough search.

A source told The Sun: "Caroline had some studding detail on her underwear that set off the alarm. She was a bit embarrassed but saw the funny side."

Caroline was on her way back to England after spending time at Louis Walsh's judge's house in St Tropez filming scenes for The Xtra Factor.

At least there was no doubt she was wearing knickers - back in July 2011, a woman flying from Harlem, US, on a JetBlue Airlines plane was removed from a West Palm Beach-bound flight for 'not wearing underwear'.

Malinda Knowles, a 27-year-old financial consultant and former model, claims the pilot on the 6am flight thought she 'wasn't wearing knickers'.

But she told Daily News that she was 'wearing a baggy blue T-shirt over a pair of dark denim short-shorts' that she had thrown on when she got up at 4am.

The New York Post reports that she was then escorted off the flight and taken to a hangar area where they confirmed she was wearing pants.

Knowles was then returned to the plane, but the pilot still would not fly with her and she was removed from the flight.

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