Handcuffed woman falls out of police car

Handcuffed woman falls out of police car

Los Angeles police are facing litigation from a 28-year-old student after she fell from a moving patrol car while handcuffed and shattered her jaw.
Kim Nguyen was arrested in the city's Koreatown district after being found drunk in a public place.

However on the ride back to the police station, she was ejected from the car. Nguyen claims she can't remember how she came to fall out of the car, but insisted she couldn't have tried to open the door as she was handcuffed.

An incident report filed by police states that Nguyen fell from the car after it accelerated away from a junction. However there have been discrepancies about exactly how fast the car was travelling when Nguyen fell out of it.

The business student is suing the two police officers in the car, as well as the city of Los Angeles for negligence, after she suffered bleeding on the brain and the loss of several teeth in the accident.

You can watch CCTV footage of the incident below.

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