Driver almost impaled by flyaway surfboard

Driver almost impaled by flyaway surfboard

A Hawaii man is thanking his lucky stars after a surfboard dropped from an overpass, bounced off a bus and slammed through his windshield as he drove along the H-1 freeway.
Jerrin Ching was driving his girlfriend's Honda when the incident occurred and describes the moment the surfboard came flying towards him.

"I was in the far left lane and there was a bus in the middle lane, and all of a sudden I see this red thing come out of nowhere and turns out it was a surfboard. And it just crashed through my windshield," Ching said.

It is still unknown exactly whom the 10ft long board belongs to but police believe it fell from an overpass and bounced off a school bus before crashing through the windshield, injuring Mr Ching.

"I'm just thankful to be here," Ching said.

His better half's 2011 Honda was badly damaged, suffering a smashed windscreen and dents to the bonnet and front lights, while Ching suffered from some minor cuts and bruises to his arm and face.

Ching hopes the owner of the bright red surfboard will come forward and own up to the act, as someone needs to cover the cost of repairs to his girlfriend's pride and joy.

"Yeah this was my girlfriend's car, who was on Maui at the time," Ching said.

"She was worried about me more than the car I guess, but her car's going to be fixed, so that's the main thing."
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