Video: Shark spotted swimming in Essex river

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A shark measuring up to five feet has been filmed swimming in the River Stour in Essex.

The shark, which is believed to have lost its way, was seen in the Cattawade Sluice and experts believe it could be a Starry Smoothhound.

Jody Gibbons, 27, who recorded the video on Sunday afternoon during a riverside walk, told the Ipswich Star: "It was unbelievable to actually see something like that down this way.

"I saw this fin popping out of the water. As I got closer I saw it was a shark."

According to the Huffington Post, experts said the sighting was credible because the point of the river where the shark was swimming was salt water.

David Warner, commodore from the nearby Stour Sailing Club, said: "We have had sharks in the lowest point of the river before but not up where it was seen."

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